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01 Dec

It’s that time of year again. You need to hire a holiday party dj for your annual work party.  Your year end reports are due, your end of year employee reviews are piling up on your desk, and you need to start planning your annual company holiday party.  Not only can planning early save you money, but it can also help you to avoid stress at an already overly stressful time of year.  You certainly don’t want a party thrown together last minute, with employees who are attending out of a sense of obligation.  Follow the tips below to step up your game, and throw a party that will really boost employee morale and make your annual holiday party something they look forward to attending.


Take If Out Of The Office

Hanging around the office after hours to mingle with co-workers can be uncomfortable.  Especially if not everyone gets along.  While hosting your holiday party in the office may seem to make sense, and will certainly keep the cost down, it will usually result in a lower turnout than you expect, as well as some awkward situations.  Even a small, local restaurant or banquet hall will be a serious step up.  You can often book at odd times, during the slower part of the day to get even better pricing, and have the added benefit of allowing employees to really decompress and mingle outside of the normal environment that is instantly associated with word like work and boss.

Mix It Up

Most people have a vision in their minds of what an office party will be like.  If they are honest, most will tell you they look at it as an expanded lunch hour, with slightly better food and the inclusion of wine.  It doesn’t matter what type of business or which industry you represent.  This is the general thought process surrounding work parties.  Now is your opportunity to mix it up a bit.  Consider hiring a professional DJ to provide entertainment.  A Dj can do things other than just play music.  You can be as creative as you want with things such as a trivia contest, name that tune, karaoke, and more.  Of course, you can also use your holiday party as a reason to host a food drive or a clothing drive to help needy members of the community.  You will find that when it comes to holiday office parties, different is a good thing.

Creative Food Choices

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, or an office party there are three things guests will remember: The Food, The entertainment, and The Decor.  You do not have to go for broke with food, but you can get creative with things such as a pizza bar, a nacho bar, or a gourmet salad bar.  You can also keep it simple with lunch meat platters, and accent the meal with creative desserts.  Thinking outside of the box when it comes to holiday office party food will instantly increase the enjoyment for those in attendance.

Provide Transportation

Whether you choose to cover the cost of Uber for anyone who enjoyed the party a little bit too much, or you choose to provide a Limousine service, making sure that everyone gets home safely is a great idea that will make sure everyone is able to cut loose and have a good time without worrying about people getting hurt, getting a DUI, and frankly, without worrying about potential future litigation against your company.

A Signature Cocktail

A surefire way to get your employees excited for your upcoming holiday company party is to create a signature cocktail. You can also use this as a repeating benefit by making this cocktail available only at your company sponsored events.  This will also help to keep costs down by giving you the option of reducing the number of mixed drinks available at your party.  Just make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options available as well.  You can get started by looking over some time tested mixed drink recipes for inspiration, and you can always use these tips for creating your own from scratch.



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