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03 Dec

Let’s face it.  Sometimes, no matter how well planned things are, life gets in the way.  Life is full of accidents, forgetfulness, and oh-no’s.  As a professional Philadelphia wedding entertainer, handling over 100 events each year,  I often find myself worrying about the what ifs:

  • What if I get stuck in traffic and am late to the wedding?
  • What if I suffer an equipment failure at exactly the wrong moment?
  • What if I get in a car accident, and this couple has no DJ at their wedding?
  • What if I get confused and go to the wrong venue? (actually, this one has happened)
  • What if I forget a piece of equipment?

Most of these scenarios are avoidable, and a few of them are not.  I am meticulous in my preparations, and always have a complete set of back-up equipment on site, connected, and ready to jump into action so quickly that most guests would not notice there had even been an issue. As a rule, and much to the frustration of my family, I plan to be VERY early for each event.  Not only does this practice allow me ample time to ensure that everything is just as I want it to be, it allows me to leave time for traffic jams, accidents, and whatever else may become an obstacle.  Heck, I even have an on-call DJ standing by in the event something truly tragic occurs and I need an absolute emergency relief valve to bail me out of a difficult situation.  As a professional entertainer, I do not get do overs.  I have one chance to make an impression on my clients, and only one chance to make sure someones big day goes off exactly as they have always imagined it would always happen.  It isn’t just my name and my reputation on the line, It is someones biggest day of their life.  It is the memories that they will always cherish, and it is a rare gathering of the most important people in people’s lives.  I simply cannot afford to allow that to be destroyed due to poor planning on my part.

I am always careful in the planning process, and employ some pretty powerful tools to ensure that we are not able to leave our shop without every little detail being covered, then covered again.  Our planning forms, our Inventory list, and our staff are always on the same page and literally any staff member can jump in and cover an event  thanks to the weekly staff meetings that make sure every single member of my team is up to speed on every single event we have in the pipeline.  I know we do our part to be as flawless as humanly possible.  Unfortunately, this does absolutely nothing to alleviate the stress, the non stop over thinking, and the worrying.  I have had, as I indicated above, a few situations where being a human being made things difficult.  I certainly have gone to the wrong venue a few times.  I have gotten stuck behind an overturned cement truck on Interstate 95.  I have forgotten gear.  These are the things that have led me to create a system of policies and procedures to minimize the risk of repeat a repeat performance of a major oops.  And they have worked well.

When you are planning an event, each and every scenario that I have touched on here, as well as a few others that I may have omitted should be on your list of questions to ask your DJ.  There are too many what ifs that can get in the way, and its entirely possible the Philadelphia Wedding DJ you are considering may not have experienced them enough yet to realize the importance of having contingency plans in place.  He or she could be the most amazing and sought after DJ in the world, but if they cannot arrive on time, if they have an equipment failure, or if they forget a piece of gear, the face of your big day will be changed irreversibly forever.  I suggest that for each and every vendor you will be speaking with, you create a list of questions.  Limit the amount of this conversation that happens over a telephone call, opting instead to sit down face to face.  On the telephone, it is just to easy to become side tracked and forget or just not get around to asking the important questions that need to be asked.


If you are ready to begin these conversations, why not check to see if we are available on the date you have decided on?  I look forward to speaking with you to being the process of helping you to create the perfect day.

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