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09 Apr

Do I need a DJ? Or Am I Better Off With A Friend With An Ipad?

A backyard party with only a handful of family and friends may not warrant hiring an experienced DJ and a ton of sound equipment. Hosting a larger event, with a larger number of guests, for a more formal function will definitely be best handled by a professional entertainer.

1. A Professional DJ Will act as Master Of Ceremonies, not just press play.

An experienced DJ also acts as your MC —which is a huge help when you’re having a big event. They’ll make announcements, create a positive energy, and keep people dancing at all the right times.  They will set the tone for each segment of the event, and at the end of the day you will be glad you brought in a pro, not a friend with an Ipad.

2. A Professional will have the right music, for the right crowd, and will play it at the right time.

There is not much of a more challenging task than keeping a group of people happy, when that group of people varies greatly in both musical interests, and age.  It is, in fact, one of the biggest challenges we face in the entertainment business.  It is also a challenge that we are well equipped to handle. We will adjust our song selection according to what we are witnessing on the dance floor in order to keep your crowd happy.  With a friend who has a play list, you will end up with a selection of his personal favorites, and they will not be timed or mixed appropriately to build a party atmosphere.

3. Professional DJs use Professional Equipment

As professionals, we have many options to choose from to supply the right sound for your event.  This is important because having the right tool for the job means that your guests will not be in a situation where they cannot hear speeches, and that things will not be to loud either.

4. DJs Are One Of The Lowest Cost Vendors You Will Deal With, But Make The Most Difference!

The 2 things your guests will remember most a year after your event are the food, and the entertainment.  Unfortunately, it seems that the entertainment is often the first thing people look to when it comes to cutting their budgets. Choosing a professional DJ service for your wedding reception, graduation party, or other family affair really will be one of the most important decisions you make. The DJ is already among the lesser expensive vendors you will be dealing with, so look elsewhere when it comes to saving money.

5. They Dress For The Role

As your DJ, it is our job to be dressed appropriately for the type of event you are hosting, so that we can blend in.  We will interact with your guests quite a bit in most situations, so it is important to be dressed professionally.  A lower cost DJ you hire from Craigslist will likely not really have a clue how to manage the flow of your event, and in particular will not recognize the importance of proper attire

6. The Professional DJ Does The Dirty Work!

When you hire a professional DJ, there will be literally nothing for you do deal with leading into your party.  As a professional DJ, we routinely communicate with the venue where your party will be hosted in order to make sure we have every detail covered.  We will arrive early enough to set everything up, and stay just long enough after the party to clear our gear out of the way and leave our work area as clean as it was when we arrived.  It most cases, an Ipad will require someone to rent speakers ( and a microphone), arrive to set up, hopefully connect everything the right way, and test it.  They will then have to repeat the process at the end of the day. In truth, you probably will end up spending a little less, but will also have a far greater level of inconvenience as well.

7. They’re dependable and know how to communicate

A professional DJ has a reputation to uphold and, barring a catastrophic emergency, won’t let you down when the big day comes around. A professional DJ will also respond promptly to your emails and calls, working with you before, during, and after the event to ensure your needs are met. Will you enjoy these same features in hiring a craigslist dj or using an Ipad? Probably not.

Two times when hiring a pro might not make sense

1. You’re having a very small wedding

If your wedding invite list is 30 people or less, having a DJ on hand might change the intimate vibe. If you’d still like a pro to figure out the tunes, make sure your DJ has done smaller events and is sensitive enough to not take over the room.

2. Your budget  just doesn’t allow for it

Hiring a DJ is one of the least expensive, most impactful parts of a great wedding—but sometimes just covering wedding basics is hard enough on your budget. If that’s the case, you’d still be wise to work out a music plan with a music-loving friend—or someone looking to get some experience DJing—in advance. If going this route, be sure to have your amateur DJ give you the playlist ahead of time so you can give feedback. They’ll also need to test the sound equipment setup at the event location (or in an acoustically similar space) well ahead of the big day. If you’ll need to rent sound equipment for your amateur, be sure to compare that cost with having a pro DJ come with their own setup.

Our final word? Don’t risk your event—bring in the experts

If you are ready to hire a Philadelphia professional DJ to handle your event, instead of your next door neighbors kid who you *think* can do an ‘Okay” job being the DJ for your party, then give us a call!  There is no charge to speak with us, and we are very friendly.  You can always click here to fill out our quick and easy contact form as well.

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