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17 Apr

When it comes to planning your son or daughters graduation party, you will have a lot of punch list items to deal with: Order the food, Buy the decorations, Invite the guests, trim the guest list, pray for great weather, etc.. These are all the same things that have been part of planning a graduation party for decades.  The graduation party has remained largely unchanged for many, many years.  That isn’t a good thing. You see, over the last 10 to 15 years, one extremely important aspect of party planning has changed, and it is affecting graduation parties everywhere: Music.  It has become commonplace for parents all over the country to outsource the creation of the playlist to the graduate.  And why Not? They are young adults who will be going off to college soon.  They have reached a milestone in life, and surely can handle making a play list, right?  And let’s be real…. as a parent we are not always as in touch with the music our kids listen to as we should be, so it is one less stress creator to deal with.  If you are planning a graduation party, (or any other kid or young adult oriented party) stop what you are doing, and ask your graduate for a very specific list of the songs they will be asking your dj to play. Why? Lyrics.  The music and lyrics in today’s music are not always family friendly.  In fact, as a professional DJ I can say for sure that much of the music today has the most vulgar and difficult to understand lyrics of all time. At the same time, teenagers today seem to realize less of the social impact of lyrics than at any other time in recent history.  While a group of 17 to 20 year old young adults may not think it is a big deal to play a song with 15 “F-Bombs” in the first verse, it is very likely your older family members, friends, neighbors, and maybe even your boss will be offended if they are in attendance at the party.  There are a few simple things you can do to ensure a family friendly play list at your graduation party.

  1. Speak with your graduate and tell them your expectations for the music.
  2. Speak with or email the DJ to ensure that he has the clean versions of the songs that are being requested.
  3. Follow up with both the graduate and the DJ a few days before the party to reiterate what you want.
  4. Make sure your DJ knows that he is not to play any requests that he does not know for sure are clean.

Once the party starts, though, be sure to kick back and enjoy the party!  Your graduate has worked hard to get to this big day, but so have you.  You have put thousands of miles on your car driving everywhere from the movie theater to soccer practice.  You woke up early, and stayed up late.  You worked hard!  It is a celebration for the whole family, not just for the graduate.  So make sure you put a few songs of your own on that play list as well!.


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