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When you are searching for an affordable wedding dj you are likely to have a lot of questions.  There are so many different aspects of each event, that it is sometimes hard to stay organized. How will you know the difference between an affordable wedding dj and someone with old equipment that may not work?  A truly professional affordable wedding dj will be insured and will likely belong to some industry associations.  He or she will usually be a regular at wedding dj industry training sessions and conventions – because they care about offering you the best there is to offer.  Another great benefit of a professional affordable wedding dj is that they will usually know the answers to the questions you will have.  After all, as a professional, they do this very often.  Our most frequently asked questions are below.

What Are Your Specialty Events?

Weddings & Corporate events are what we are most known for, and each of our entertainers do go through a very thorough in-house training system specifically designed to ensure the most complete possible experience for our wedding and corporate clients.  While these events are our passion, and where we cut our teeth, we have entertainers who specialize in every type of event imaginable.

How much will JJ Ward Events & Entertainment be involved in helping to select our music?

Very.  You see, you know what your musical interests are and you know what you want to hear at your event.  We, however, know how to integrate your selections into a more complete list that will ensure that you – as well as your guests- will have a fantastic time. After all, whatever the occasion, your event is a celebration!  There are a few rules we like to follow. We will not perform at a public event using songs with lyrics that contain profanity or racial slurs.  Actually, that is just about the only rule.

What type of music can I expect to find in your collection?

JJ Ward Events & Entertainment owns a king sized library of music in all genres, including international/world music. We update our collection on a daily basis, ensuring that we are able to provide the songs that our clients and their guests are currently enjoying. We work closely with our clients in selecting the music for their event, and will gladly acquire any commercially available song that we don’t already own, at no additional cost. Because of this, we can virtually guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any request. We do take pride in having 100% of our music available in HD quality, and legally purchased.

How will the music be mixed at my event?

Mixing is a pretty basic skill for a professional disc jockey, but the creativity a DJ uses in mixing says a lot about his or her style… and will definitely help ensure your dance floor stays packed. We mix music with the purpose of creating seamless transitions between songs and maintaining the energy and momentum on the dance floor. Mixing for us is something we do on the spot, based on the tempo and “feel” of the songs and the reaction of the crowd. We don’t treat your wedding like it’s our personal nightclub appearance, and we don’t use your wedding to test out remixes that no one recognizes. Our DJs always use the original and most popular versions of each song unless there’s a really good reason not to. We also don’t use any cheesy, pre-fabricated “DJ mixes” from subscription services.

How far will you travel ?

We are physically located just 5 miles south of the Philadelphia International Airport, which puts us right on the tri-state border of Pa, Nj, and De. as well as very close to Md.  We can be found many times spread anywhere throughout these states as a regular part of our service area.  We also frequent the Washington DC and Virginia markets as well.  We are willing to travel anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, or Central America (and have done so!).  If you are looking for entertainment outside of our primary 4 state market, additional travel fees will be calculated on a gig by gig basis.

Are We Insured?

Of Course We Are!  Being insured not only protects us, it protects you as well.  Insurance is a requirement for anyone responsibly engaged in business.  We recommend checking with all of your vendors to ensure that they too are insured.

How Will My DJ Be Dressed ?

As part of the planning process, we will ask for your input on this matter.  Our DJ’s can be dressed however you prefer.  The typical options are all available: Tuxedo, Suit & Tie, Casual.  In general, we prefer for all weddings to be wearing a formal tuxedo.

Do You Use Professional Equipment?

Yes.  We are a professional company, and as such we use the most recognized names in the sound reinforcement and lighting industries.  We do not, however, purchase brands simply because they are trendy.  We do test each and every piece of equipment thoroughly before sending it out to handle an event.  It is also our practice to perform regular maintenance on all of our equipment as per the manufacturers recommended schedule.

What would happen in an emergency or if my DJ is sick?

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen.  For this reason, we have a regular rotation of on call DJs who are ready to jump into action as needed.  We also show up to every event with backup equipment.  We really do try not to leave any stone unturned.  You can click here to read a recent blog entry that addresses this issue specifically

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