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Why is your wedding dj playlist so important?  Because it’s YOUR wedding.  You want everything to be perfect.  After all, you are beginning a new life together, and this is day one.  The soundtrack to the rest of your life should be absolutely amazing!  A Well thought our wedding dj playlist, one that not only considers the most popular songs today, but songs that personally matter to you, is the wedding dj playlist that you want.Most people do not realize it, but your DJ is in a powerful position.  Without speaking a word, he or she will control the mood in the room on your most important day.  With the press of a button, people will get out of their chairs and dance the night away.  With the press of another button couples old and young will dance slowly, fondly remembering their own big day whether it was last year or 40 years ago.  Power.  You are placing it in the hands of your wedding disc jockey.  In order to help him or her use the power of the button to your full advantage, it is important that you know exactly what you want to hear at your wedding.

Music Search

Because we understand the importance of the soundtrack to your biggest day, we offer you our Music Search Tool.  We want you to be as satisfied as possible, and this tool will go a long way in helping you plan your soundtrack.  Click on the link below in order to begin searching for songs.  You can search by song name, artist, or album name.  If you don’t remember any of that information, but you do know some of the lyrics that’s fine.  We offer lyric search as well.  Click on the link Below to start searching.  Once you have booked your date and secured our dj services, you will have access to an even more robust version of this feature.

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